Agape Int'l Christian Centre was birthed on the 24th of February 2015 with the view of creating an environment where believers can fellowship in love and express their worship of their saviour JESUS CHRIST without fear or turmoil. It is a young but evolving ministry with a passion to lead her people to living a Godly life and evangelising the community around us.


To raise a people of knowledge, purpose, love, power and integrity with the fear of God, exercising positive influence in their domain of influence


To raise the banner of righteousness by pursuing holiness and the fear of God in all that we say, do or participate in, and teaching men and women from everywhere that it is possible to win by righteousness.


Build a people that have a voice and whose voice can be heard and can bring about positive change to their domain of influence

Teach sound biblical doctrines and ensure our members are grounded in faith without been tossed here and there by every wind of religion

Teach people to have reverence for authority in whatever country we are in and ensure that our lives edify others and point them to righteousness

Raise a people of excellence whose ears are sensitive to hear the voice of God and ensure they are the best in their work place, business, politics and any other endeavor they find themselves


We are a family of loved men and women made perfect by grace. We win by righteousness.
We are a family of love, we see God in every man. This is what make us unique.


Our ministry is based on sound biblical doctrines. We are taught the Word and live on the Word. We place much emphasis on teaching the word of God.


Our people are grounded on a strong teaching and prayer foundation, giving no room for the devil in any aspect of our lives.

We are a people whose ears are sensitive to the voice of the HOLY SPIRIT and eyes open to divine opportunities.


We belong to the family of God, we feed from the economy of Heaven, we lack in nothing because all things are ours.
We are a ministry based on God’s WORD and fervent PRAYERS


At AICC the word of God is taught with simplicity and understanding and with Gods wisdom, enabling and equipping God's children to be bold and to have access to God with confidence through faith in the LORD


The handling of God's word is second to none. Worship is great and the love within the people is infectious. I love this place. God is here.


The teachings are centred on Godliness and the goal is to draw us closer to God. You just feel the Holy Ghost presence in the place and I love that feeling in get when I am in church



Fidel Aleghe

Fidelis Aleghe

Founder and Lead Pastor

Fidelis is the founder and Serving overseer of AICC. A
trained HR professional

Sandra Aleghe

Sandra Aleghe

Co-Founder and Pastor

Sandra is the Co-founder and associate pastor at AICC. A trained architect and a finance consultant by profession

Femo Omojola

Femi Omojola

Senior Pastor

Pastor omojola is a senior pastor at AICC and a medical doctor by profession.

Raphael Owononi

Raphael Owononi

Associate Pastor

Raphael is an associate pastor at AICC and a radiographer by profession.